Layout Process

All of these maps came from my dissatisfaction with the player houses you can buy/earn in both of these games. None of the maps feature game unbalancing objects but simply serve as a place to hang your hat and loot. All of the maps contain ample storage space via chests with no weight limit. The Oblivion player map also supports Reznod's Mannequins, an excelllent mod which allows you to setup statues on which you can place treasures you have found and have them appear as they would on NPCs and the player. Each map also features a bed with which you can use to rest and level up as well as the allowance to fast travel within the house itself. Also, as can be seen in the screen shots, the houses feature lots of detail and diversity.

In addition, the Morrowind map contains NPCs which have conversation options to teleport the player to different cities (much like the boats) and a NPC who will repair your weapons and armor…for a price.